At Our Studio

Our stylist are specilise in lash extenions, nails enhancements and henna which designed in a unique style to perfectly match your personality, shape of eyes/fingers/nails and keep the nails/eyes shape without damage or discomfort. 

Our stylists have thousand hours of experience so you are guaranteed to get the services you'll love, every time.

Choosing to have your treatments done with us, White Tulip offers you plenty more peace and tranquility. There is nothing better than relaxing atmosphere with our artist who cater to your need like a queen. 

Henna Art

Our henna art to adorn your hands, feet or body with beautiful henna designs that leave you feeling beautiful for more than two weeks on the skin and suits for occasion you wish.


Our trained artists give you the best Russian manicure in town for every single nails treatments no matter gel polish, extension or fillings which will benefit from the e-file


With thousand of hours experience, lashes, glue and tools available all triple sterilised for every client. Controlled temperature and humidity so your lashes last longer.

We are Craftsman

Each client comes to us will have major transformation in their experience. From no experience of any treatment to bad experience form other stylist, we will serve you and make you smile after leave our parlour

Care for your lashes

Do not get your lashes wet and get tanning for at least 24 hours after the treatment. Wash your lashes with oil-free shampoo. We do not recommend to use any type of mascara or any eye curler. Any heat, steam, sauna and friction exposure will cause the lashes fall off annd if get any chemical treaments, medication will affect the cycle of natural lashes. Sleeping of your face is big NO!

Care for your nails

Be gentle for the first 24 - 48 hours after they are applied. It takes time for the bonding process to be completed. Protect your nails by using gloves when doing housework. This wil protect the condition of the nail to stay beautifully glossy/matte. Use cuticle oil every evening in order to produce strong natural nail. Do not pick off your nails extensions as this will remove the top layer of your natural nail, compromising its health and quality.

    Care for your henna

    Tempor Once your henna is dry, spray or dab with lemon and sugar mixure. Let it dry before wrap the design in hypafix. Keep the design warm overnight and avoid getting smudged and getting in contact with water for 8-12 hours. The stain takes 24-48 hours to darken so dont panic for the first few hours!